Beyond Bricks: 
Integrating people and place for optimal hybrid work

This webinar took place on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


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Beyond Bricks Hybrid Working - Webinar Trailer


The session provides an exploration of factors beyond pure office redesign for the creation of more collaborative workspaces – we know that for organisations to achieve their full potential, the psychological motivations of all staff also need to be considered.

Given the scale of disruption the pandemic has caused, forward-thinking organisations are now seeking a deeper understanding of the full spectrum of elements that influence how we work effectively in the 2020s.

This webinar has been devised as a set of thought-starters, to encourage a wider range of considerations when figuring out the ideal blend of office and remote work for your organisation.

You'll learn:

  • Why blending the physical and psychological redesign of work and workspaces yields superior results
  • Why workspace customisation improves productivity and performance
  • How and where to get started
  • How the right analysis now will deliver enhanced results and longer-term organisational resilience
Beyond Bricks Hybrid Working - Webinar Trailer


  • The 2020 pandemic and ensuing lockdown triggered a universal pivot to remote working, as organisations battled to both comply with social distancing measures and maintain business continuity.
  • Vaccination programmes are finally allowing organisations to consider a return to office life.
  • Successive survey data shows that many people have no desire to return to the workplace full-time, preferring instead to blend remote working with office-based activity. This is known as ‘hybrid working’.
  • With no pre-existing blueprint for hybrid working, organisations must figure out their own optimal mix to accommodate it.
  • While workspaces are being reconfigured for fewer people in the office and socially distanced working, there are a wider range of considerations to consider when designing for the optimal post-lockdown ‘where’ of work.

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This is for you if:

  • Your organisation primarily operates from an office environment.
  • You're an ambitious business leader who’s recognised that the world of work is changing, and who wants to explore hybrid working in closer detail.
  • You’re an executive or HR leader, facilities or office manager who’s been tasked with figuring out how to prepare your organisation for both hybrid working and the wider ‘future of work’.
  • You suspect that there are advantages to hybrid working, but you’re not sure how to get started.

Learn from industry experts

The speakers


Cathryn Barnard

Co-founder & Director Working The Future

Cathryn Barnard has a career in agile workforce planning spanning three decades. Co-founder of Working the Future, her interest lies in the future of work and new operating and organising models for commercial resilience in fast-paced and dynamic markets.


David Bricknell

Managing Director Dale Office Interiors

David has worked in the office design and build industry for over 20 years; building his career from Workplace Consultant and Estimater, and fast-forwarding to the present day to Managing Director of Dale Office Interiors. His passion lies in the development of the workplace, connecting people and place.