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What Modern Workers Want: 
Understanding the priorities of the 2020s workforce

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (BST)

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About What Modern Works Want Webinar

The webinar explores the factors influencing the career choices modern workers make.. It’s based on expert-mediated analysis of why modern workers both accept job offers and resign from their roles. It will help you better understand how to improve staff engagement and reduce turnover.

Getting ahead of these new labour market patterns is now key to both short-term performance and longer-term organisational resilience.

Survey data shows that those seeking a full return to the workplace are in the minority. Most workers prefer a mix of remote-working and office-based activity. We’re already witnessing significant staff turnover as employees refuse to compromise on post-lockdown work-life balance.

The UK labour market is currently experiencing its most significant transformation in generations. Post-Brexit skills shortages combined with a post-lockdown re-evaluation of both life and work have led to substantial business disruption as employers lose team members who are attracted by the possibility of ‘better’ elsewhere.

New workforce dynamics require closer inspection. For employers to both hire AND retain staff, it’s critical to understand the priorities of the 2020s workforce.


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This is for you if:

  • Your organisation primarily operates from an office environment.
  • You're an ambitious business leader who’s recognised that the world of work is changing, and who wants to get ahead in their understanding of how to build and maintain a compelling and authentic ‘employer brand’, to maximise business growth opportunity.
  • You’re an HR leader who’s been tasked with preparing your organisation for both hybrid working and the wider ‘future of work’.
  • You recognise that the output of your people is integral to commercial results and are committed to building and maintaining a ‘people-first’ culture.

You'll learn:

  • Why understanding the psychology of the modern labour market is intrinsic to commercial success
  • Why your internal audience is even more key than your external marketing audience
  • How to build a compelling ‘employer brand’
  • Why the people in your organisation will always provide your competitive edge
  • How to leverage new labour market dynamics for on-going commercial success

Learn from industry experts

Join our speakers for a discussion and Q&A about hybrid working 


Cathryn Barnard

Co-founder & Director Working The Future

Cathryn Barnard has a career in agile workforce planning spanning three decades. Co-founder of Working the Future, her interest lies in the future of work and new operating and organising models for commercial resilience in fast-paced and dynamic markets.


David Bricknell

Managing Director Dale Office Interiors

David has worked in the office design and build industry for over 20 years; building his career from Workplace Consultant and Estimater, and fast-forwarding to the present day to Managing Director of Dale Office Interiors. His passion lies in the development of the workplace, connecting people and place.