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Office Fit-Out
Costs Guide

When considering an office fit-out one of the biggest considerations is the cost of such change. This guide will help you to understand average cost of an office fit-out project using previous Dale office projects as a guide. 

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Office Fit-out Specification &
Cost Calculator

This guide helps you understand the finish/specification levels available. Supporting you to decide on the level of finish you aspire to, and understand the budget you would require based on the size of your office space.

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Typical Fit-Out Project
Timeline Guide

Understand the considerations, of an office
fit-out project. This document outlines the key milestones of a fit-out project and associated timeline. 


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Office Fit-Out Project
Sample Excel Template

This document is an excel based sample of an Office Fit project. This template highlights the key components of typical Office Fit-out presented within an interactive Gantt Chart. 

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Everything you need to know about office design in under 7 minutes

In this guide, we will look at everything you need to consider in an office design - from sustainability to company culture, and how to get everything you need from an office layout. 

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5 key factors to improving
productivity in the workplace

In this whitepaper, we took a closer look at this trend of dissatisfaction with workplace design and asked 500 members of the public what they thought would improve productivity levels at work when it came to office design

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